Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sony Ericsson to bundle Google's Blogger.com

This week, Sony Ericsson has signed a deal with Google, which enables Sony Ericsson to integrate Google's Blogger.com and Google Web Search features on all of its future mobile phones.

This means blogger.com account holder with the new Sony Ericsson phone can write and post content to his blog on the move using the bundles software. So you can post content to your blog even on a vacation, travel or away from the computer. This is the first any mobile handsent manufacturer providing this kind of features related to blogging. This shows how popular is blogging in the present internet era and it looks like surely this is going to be a hit feature.

"We are seeing exponential growth in blogging and consumers are turning more and more often to the Internet as a means of sharing information or images in personal blogs”, said Jan W√§reby, Corporate Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sony Ericsson. “By working with Google, we're able to offer a quick and easy way for people users to blog as they discover how convenient it is as a way to share words and pictures with friends, family and beyond. We are also delighted to collaborate with Google, the undisputed leader in Web Search, to provide our end users with relevant internet information directly to their Sony Ericsson handsets."

From now, Google will become the standard search engine for all new Sony Ericsson internet-capable phones. Sony Ericsson is the latest company to announce that it will feature Google software on its handsets.
The announcement comes after Motorola and Vodafone have said that they too would be offering users access to Google Search.

Image and news source: http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news.php?newsId=2647

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