Tuesday, September 19, 2006

US, UK Team on Mobile Research

The United States and the United Kingdom today announced the formation of the International Technology Alliance (ITA) in Network and Information Sciences, a team of 25 high-profile vendors and universities that will study new capabilities in wireless technology. The alliance will be headed by IBM and given $135.8 million during the next 10 years to develop long- and short-range battlefield communications.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Orange 3G/ HSDPA data card

Data cards that let laptop users connect to the internet over the mobile network have been one of the quiet successes of 3G, with business people being able to work from almost anywhere there is a mobile signal.

Orange's latest data card brings the added promise of connections that, at up to 1.8mbps, approach the speed of fixed broadband, using a technology known as HSDPA. Just as importantly for UK-based mobile workers, the card also supports the Edge network. This is not quite 3G, with a maximum speed of around 0.2mbps, but it is significantly faster than conventional 2.5G or GPRS data.

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