Thursday, July 27, 2006

3G Subscribers Download Average of 4 Music Tracks Per Month

Twenty-seven percent of UK 3G mobile subscribers download full track music on their mobile phones, according to Telephia. The latest research from Telephia shows that full track music download penetration is more than 11 percentage points higher among 3G subscribers, as compared to non-3G subscribers at 16 percent. On average, 3G subscribers in the UK download 4.1 music tracks per month and spend an average of 8.3 hours per month listening to full track music on their mobile phones.

The study shows many 3G subscribers prefer to use their PC for storage and transfer of music to their mobile phone, revealing that the PC remains an essential part of the music experience.

Forty-four percent of 3G subscribers would prefer to transfer computer music files that have been ripped from their home music collection to their phone. Nineteen percent would prefer to transfer computer music files that have been downloaded from a peer-to-peer or file-share site, and 14 percent prefer to transfer computer music files that were downloaded from a paid website.

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PayPal hires ad agency for Text2Buy

Despite all the hype and ballyhoo over mobile commerce, one of the largest barriers to market for such services is the unaware public: My phone can do what? With that in mind, PayPal has hired top ad agency Zimmerman Advertising to launch a campaign aimed at educating the public on the ins and outs of PayPal's new Text2Buy. The service allows users to buy actual CDs, DVDs, shoes, etc. I think examples like CDs and DVDs are poor choices, but most releases and other articles seem to cite those first--why go through the trouble of texting and waiting for the mail to arrive when you can get the same content through a mobile music service? Other non-mobile content items should be stressed, and Text2Buy may lead the mobile commerce charge in the U.S., anyway, as promised.

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