Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Top stories from the first 2 days of 3GSM, Barcelona.

1. Mobile operators promise IM for all
2. Nokia merges its cdmaOne business with Sanyo
3. BenQ EF91 HSDPA handset announced
4. Nokia and Vodafone team to promote S60
5. Cingular announces global 3G roaming
6. Nokia unveils wi-fi phone for mass market
7. Skype gets serious with three deals
8. Nokia scores global IMS deal with Vodafone

For details read below:

Mobile operators promise IM for all
Fifteen of the world's largest mobile phone operators, including Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, have signed a deal to include common standards for instant messaging (IM) interoperability.
The deal, which consists of 32 letters of intent, will see common IM protocols shared between operators so that customers from their networks can chat using IM. The services will also be strengthened to limit the effects of spam and virus attacks.

"Thanks to this coordinated IM campaign, more than 700 million mobile subscribers will eventually have access to an IM service that is intuitive, reliable, secure and will work across networks," said Rob Conway, chief executive of the GSM Association.
"Crucially, users will only pay to send, not receive, messages, meaning that they can easily control their spending and minimise spam."

The 'Personal IM' service was launched at a combined press conference at 3GSM in Barcelona. India will be the first country to benefit from the service, since the majority of its mobile operators have signed up.

Nokia merges its cdmaOne business with Sanyo
It Seems that Nokia has got bored playing in the cdmaOne handset business and has found a way out. It's going to merge its cdmaOne handset business with that of Japan's Sanyo. Hopefully to create a new dominant player.
That's exactly what Sony and Ericsson thought they were doing with their GSM handset divisions when they combined to form Sony Ericsson.It didn't quite work like that – the original Sony Ericsson joint venture lost market share like mad before making a successful recovery. That's probably what will happen with the new Nokia Sanyo venture.

Common sense would dictate that the new venture should still be called Nokia, though, because of the brand. But we shall see. It's a clear indication that the economies of scale are retreating when it comes to making cdmaOne and CDMA2000 handsets, however.

BenQ EF91 HSDPA handset announced
BenQ announced its first HSDPA phone at 3GSM, the EF91. The company is calling it the first HSDPA phone, but both LG and Samsung were showing off HSDPA equipped phones at CES. Discounting the claim, the EF91 is still quite a high-end handset:

* 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
* miniSD card slot
* QVGA screen with 262K colors
* Bluetooth with support for stereo headsets
* HSDPA with video call support

The BenQ EF91 is scheduled to begin shipping this summer. Prices will vary by local.
BenQ announced another handset at the show, a music phone called the EF51.

Nokia and Vodafone team to promote S60
Nokia and Vodafone this morning announced a partnership to increase the adoption of the S60 phone platform. By making more Vodafone handsets S60 the carrier will have an easier time making the customizations and value adds that carriers love.

Nokia and Vodafone will develop a Vodafone-specific software complement on top of the S60 platform. The collaboration also includes the expansion of the licensee base and increased portfolio penetration through open roadmap governance and establishes a strong independent brand position for both the S60 software and the supporting developer activities.

By the end of February, Nokia estimates that it will have sold 50 million S60 devices. Vodafone is the world's second largest mobile phone carrier with approximately 180 million customers across five continents (China Mobile is the largest with over 200m customers).

Cingular announces global 3G roaming
Cingular Wireless announced a global 3G data plan aimed at business travelers. Starting next month Cingular will offer a GlobalConnect data plan that features unlimited domestic use and up to 100MB/month of usage on partners' networks in Europe and Asia.A data card (Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX LaptopConnect card) is bundled and it operates on the following networks: HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, WiFi and GPRS. The card costs $99 with a 2-year service contract.

Nokia unveils wi-fi phone for mass market
The world's largest mobile handset manufacturer, Nokia, on Monday unveiled a mass-market phone capable of switching between wi-fi and GSM. The N6136 handset, launched at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, is a UMA device that will let users make voice over IP (VoIP) calls when the phone detects a wi-fi hotspot. It is thought the emergence of such devices will encourage operators to roll-out high-bandwidth services: wi-fi, in theory, can support speeds of up to 50Mbps."Internet voice is going mobile," said Jorma Ollila, Nokia's chief executive. "UMA gives users an alternative to PC-based VoIP," he added.

Skype gets serious with three deals
The darling of the Voice over IP (VoIP) revolution, Skype, announced a deal with Hutchison 3 today that will put the consumer application on Skype-enabled mobile devices.It also announced Skype for Pocket PC 2.0 which will allow users to talk to other Skype users - or Skypers - with any Windows Mobile Pocket PC wireless device.Finally, Skype announced a new distribution and retail programme with Dangaard Telecom that intends to release "a huge new retail presence in Europe for Skype certified products."

Nokia scores global IMS deal with Vodafone
Finnish vendor Nokia, today revealed it has won a contract with the Vodafone Group to deliver its IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to Vodafone operations worldwide.Under the agreement, Nokia will become preferred supplier of Vodafone's IMS network architecture and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology that will enable Vodafone to roll out next generation services, such as Presence, List Management services and VoIP. The first deployments of IMS are expected during 2006, Nokia said.

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