Monday, January 30, 2006

Siemens To Build 3G Wireless Network In Malta

German technology company Siemens, Monday said it has received an order from Malta's wireless operator Vodafone Malta to build a third generation wireless, or 3G/W-CDMA, network.

The network which will cover the entire island of Malta, will be available to personal users, business customers and tourists later this year. Siemens has been an exclusive supplier to Vodafone Malta since 1997, and has already built its cellular wireless, or GSM, network.

In building the third generation wireless network, Siemens will plan, design and optimize the entire radio network, and will supply and install the radio and core network technology. This will enable subscribers to download large volumes of data, such as video clips or e-mail files, for example, over their mobile handsets or laptops while they are out and about.

With over 170,000 subscribers, Vodafone Malta Ltd. is Malta's largest wireless operator; nearly one out of every three residents makes phone calls over this network.


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