Sunday, January 22, 2006

First WiMAX Certifications Issued

Fancy this: There finally are a few products that legally can claim use of the WiMAX imprimatur. The WiMAX Forum yesterday said it had certified the first four applicants.

No matter that the industry has been inundated with companies claiming to be selling WiMAX products. That’s all marketing hype, because there is no standard called WiMAX. As the WiMAX Forum itself noted in its own announcement of the first four certifications, what the Forum has is a certification “profile … which is based on the IEEE 802.16-2004 and ETSI HiperMAN standards.” The way the technology has been hyped, though, the Forum has been trying to create the impression that WiMAX is another name for 802.16-2004.

Basically, what really happens is that companies that meet the WiMAX Forum profile get the right to use the “WiMAX Forum Certified” logo. There is no other known legal definition of WiMAX other than meeting the Forum profile. Spanish test house Cetecom currently is the only test outfit in the world that is franchised to help ensure products meet that profile. It was named to do the job a year ago (TelecomWeb news break, Jan. 27, 2005). The first products to be tested were sent to Cetecom in July 2005, according to the WiMax Forum.


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