Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nokia Launches Mobile Wallet Phone

Handset giant Nokia introduced the Nokia 6212 classic, a new 3G handset featuring integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies enabling users to share content and access services as well as conduct payments and ticketing transactions.

According to Nokia, travel tickets may be charged over the air, eliminating waits at service counters--users can securely store their credit card info on the 6212 classic and access accounts directly from the handset. A single tap on an NFC-enabled tag also enables users to receive new content like weblinks, audio files or contact data--they may also activate profiles and open applications including FM radio or web browsing. Photos and videos may be easily shared by tapping another NFC-capable phone and pairing with a Bluetooth NFC-enabled device. The Nokia 6212 classic is expected to start shipping in the third quarter in selected European and Asian markets.

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jimmy said...

Great news! All the handsets of Nokia are really getting technically sounds. Now the handset with NFC technology deserves high demand in the market.